I created this blog (website) so that my sister Heather and her new(ish) husband John would always have somewhere special to store their wedding photographs. As they had some random rank amateur take their wedding photographs, that person can do what they like with the images....

So that person (Me), decided to create this blog to accompany the wedding photograph book, various prints and canvases that have been created along the way. Not all the images could fit into the book, also everyone has different tastes! 

Head Honcho Photographer: Claire Pitt
Second in command: Jemma Morgan
Third in command: Stephen Morgan
Honourable mention: Jessica Sutton 

Director, producer, editor: Claire Pitt

Lead Actors: Heather Moodie and John Moodie

 How to look at the photographs:
If you click the 'Chapters' link next 'Home' and 'About', that will take you to a page with chapters like a book, you can then visit each chapter and look at a few selected pictures from that chapter.
To see the whole set of pictures from that 'chapter', you can either watch the slideshow or follow the link to the sets on 'Flickr', which is an online photograph gallery.
Still confused? Find a child, they know all about this online web like stuff.

Any Questions?
Leave any questions about the photographs in the comment boxes of the relevant chapters or contact myself (Claire) or Heather via facebook or whatever way of contact you prefer.

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